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The batman dress

There are still things out there that remind me of you. Of us. Like on my way to work when the sunrise hits lake Hefner, and I think about how long it’s been since I visited the rocks. Or how te sams club soda still makes me giggles. Or that damn batman dress with a glittery yellow belt, and detachable cape, and how normally I wouldn’t have hesitated to send you the picture and gush about baby fever…

But today, even though you were the first person I thought of… I hesitated. My heart dropped into my stomach, and I almost didn’t send that picture.

I thought I was through with this.. I thought I was thought out…

I try, I honestly try to picture myself with someone else one day. Would they want a little girl? Would fill our walls with portraits together? Would they laugh and tease me every time I didn’t know a fantastic band or movie? Could I ever fall that hard, that fast, that deeply for anyone like this…?

Would even last…

It causes such sadness in my heart, because I already feel I know the answer.

I still dream about that little apartment near the water. And those beautiful sunsets filled with gazes that will see like hours passed when I think back to them. That little beach (or Vegas) wedding. That touch that sends sparks through my veins. And that little girl.. The one with dark hair, and the loveliest green eyes I’ve ever seen.

It seems like it’s been forever tumblr!!! (Probably because it has) I just wanted to share how awesome this app is. It’s called CAMERA360, and I’m loving it! Multifunctional capabilities, stable operating, and a wonderful price!

Camera360 seems to pride itself on selfie editing, and for good reason, because there are so many good selfie editing features! Everything from smoothing out your complexion to making your eyes look larger- it can do it, and make it look natural.
However, it works well as a photo editor for other things too. Cars, nature, your cat in mid-yawn, anything as far as I can tell!

The app also includes a wonderful variety of filters right from the get-go along with the ability to jump in and play with saturation, contrast, blur and much much more all on your own. I read in some of the less awesome reviews that the app has a crashing issue (which let’s face it, all programs crash people) and though I did get few nasty shocks, I only noticed it when adding filter after filter after filter. And the app probably did me a favor, because after that many filters, photos just don’t look right.

Best of all, I was able to play and enjoy right away, annoying adds excluded, for FREE!!! That’s right! It’s FREE!!! Of course there’s the a plus sign next to all the COMPLETELY AWESOME default filters, but honestly I haven’t even taken a look at what else they have to offer (YET!!) I’m still having a great time with the great selection I already downloaded.

If you have a camera roll full of selfies, you’re a phone photography fanatic, or you just like trying random editing apps when you can’t sleep at 3am, this app is DEFINITELY for you.

Happy editing! It’s off to bed for me!

EDIT: SOOO… I pushed the plus button, and was pleasantly surprised to find there are more awesome filters and ALL of them are free to download as well!!!


Why aren’t you answering meeeee todayyyyyyy ughhhh

" Making love with you
is like drinking sea water.
The more I drink
the thirstier I become,
until nothing can slake my thirst
but to drink the entire sea. "


Kenneth Rexroth

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This beautiful, one of a kind jewelry holder is made from a candlestick, a tea cup, and a saucer adorned with lace and pretty pearls. It is an elegant alternative to your tradition ring plate or box! Hang necklace from the handle, put earrings in the cup & place your rings on the saucer! Perfect as a gift for a friend, family member, or even yourself! Available for a limited time now @sparkleshack

This hanging tea cup bird feeder available @sparkleshack

Hanging tea cup bird feeders! Available @sparkleshack!

@shadowsam21 I saw a 66 mini house on wheels! Here’s the hood xD

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